Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Muppets Collection

For Christmas My mom got me a sampler of the muppets collection.  It had three polishes, one glitter, one red shimmer and two holos.  One is gold and one is silver.  Overall I love the polishes, they all apply great and give you beautiful color.

I was feeling frustrated with nail polish in general the other night and I wanted something simple. However black looked bad, pink didn't seem like enough, so finally I figured out what might work.  I first used my go to black (Rimmel 399 Black Satin) and used two coats.  I then put my muppets Wocka Wocka over it. 
This was the result.

Please pretend like you don't see the staining on my cuticles (I was being lazy and didn't realize that the cleanup would be such a be-yotch)
I was really impressed with it, I loved the way it looked.  It was super deep but when the sun hit it, the red really came out.  There is the slightest gold undertone in the red too, which I love.

This mani was a bit more complicated.  
I started off with one coat of the Designer...De Better! of the muppets collection.  It is a super light silver holo.  However, I felt like I wanted it a bit darker.  So I added a coat of Warm and Fozzie which is a deep gold holo.  However, I thought that seemed too dark, so I added another coat of the Designer...De Better! which pretty much covered up the Warm and Fozzie.  I liked the color that I came out with (not quite as light and sheer, but there was no gold visible).  But of course, I decided to add my Essie Matte About You topcoat and make it matte.  I was absolutely thrilled with the end result, I will definitely do this mani again, I LOVED it.

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