Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My first post!

So I am totally new to the world of blogging!

I am obsessed with painting my nails, I paint them generally everyday, but mostly because I get bored easily and painting my nails cures my boredom!

I am going to be posting pictures of nail polishes, fun manicures, awesome colors that I love, and anything that sparks my interest!

I am not perfect at painting my nails, so I look forward to being able to get better at it, and have it reflected through pictures!

I use burts bee's cuticle cream, it's super good and smells great!
I use different base coats, but generally it is Sally Hansen's maximum growth.
I always use Seche Vite (SV) as a top coat, it will seriously change your life.

Hopefully you like my blog!

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