Thursday, February 2, 2012

For Audrey!

So I know I am like years late on this, but I went to my local Sally Beauty today and got China Glazes For Audrey.  I have wanted it forever, just never went ahead and got it. (Plus China Glaze is like super hard to come by in my area.) I absolutely love the color, and am so excited for everything that could come of it! I think it would look really good with white tips, or with white stamps, also, if you painted white nails and used For Audrey as the tips, I think its a great color!

P.S. Terrible pic....I was in a movie theatre before the movie started and had an argument with a friend over chubby fingers...which resulted in me taking a picture of my hand to send.  Nonetheless, while my skin looks ghostly, I think it is pretty accurate of For Audrey, Such a gorgeous color! While I was putting it on, a coworker walked by and said "Ooh looks just like tiffanys."

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